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Three ways HR can promote mental health and spread holiday cheer
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Three ways HR can promote mental health and spread holiday cheer

May 26, 2023

It is time again for companies across the country to start planning holidays so that one year ends and the next year takes place. Workplace mental health management has always been a concern for HR professionals, but the COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult over the past two years. This pandemic has lost so many businesses, and people lost their employment.

The result of this trend is a decline in employee productivity and morale. In addition, more and more workers are also struggling with substance abuse. This raises the question that most companies have for human resources departments: what kind of mental health support can we provide to employees?

Whether it's a traditional office holiday, a thank you for a year of hard work, or an afternoon volunteering at a charity, the holiday season brings a good mood to employees and employers.

However, due to the time, attention, and energy demand of competing employees during the holiday season, it can be challenging to find holiday-related activities that suit everyone's schedule, interests, religion, and so on.

Human resources departments are the first place where employees need help. However, it is also important to be proactive about all forms of mental health support.

Fortunately, organizations have several ways to engage everyone in a bit of holiday experience - the key is to be creative! Here are three ways in which your human resources department can support employees with mental health problems.

How can HR deal with mental health during the holidays?

What can staff and management do about this as the holidays approach? Although we can't schedule personal gatherings, we can address mental health in the workplace and bring virtual virtue to employees. Below are a few things that can be taken care of at your workplace.

1. Talk directly about mental health

It is especially important for leaders or higher authorities to talk about mental health. That will be a talk and thoughtful and deliberate communication with employees about the importance of work-life balance, checking in with colleagues, and asking for help when someone needs it.

This will help employees gain confidence in you and your organization, and they will also be more comfortable and will enjoy working. But how can that be done when you’re working remotely?

Well, one way we have promoted this ethos is through video training messages, such as how leaders can encourage them to take care of themselves, ask them to share their schedule so that they can be improvised if something is missing, etc.

On average, 45%-50% of employees want training in mental health and self-care. Providing this training is one way to address the various mental health problems caused by a pandemic, and it shows workers that their mental health is a priority.

Involve an external mental health expert to facilitate open discussion by providing information and support on the various emotions that employees experience during a pandemic and holidays.

2. Bring office traditions virtually

During the pandemic, as we all were working remotely, we had several events or virtual gatherings. Employees have already expressed how much they miss office this year. That's why it’s better to make remote employees like offices with virtual celebrations.

We miss organizing personal events (for example, with a live crowd who would enjoy video presentations), but organizing events offers virtually new benefits, such as employees having access to items in their homes.

Such fun events remove employees from the stress of everyday work and provide an opportunity to interact with colleagues with whom they long to work in the office. This can help people who have difficulty in interacting or are not open to other people.

3. Send snail mail

A small gift or badge sent home to employees can make a big difference. It shows that they are being thought of, and it can be a welcome surprise during the holiday chaos.

A coffee mug along with some hot chocolate, a t-shirt, or a bag with the organization's branding on it can be the best motivation gift. And when employees are busy ordering gifts for everyone else online, the surprise sent to their doorstep is huge.

Meanwhile, you can also have a welcome party or lunch with your employees. Ask them how they spent their holidays and what was special about that place.

What can HR professionals do to prevent burnout?

Many companies offer flexible scheduling options or additional PTO days. They also ensure that employees take breaks and feel empowered to interrupt if work is not planned.

The provision of additional company benefits, such as leisure clothing days or office holidays, has also been shown to help.

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This holiday season, the most efficient companies are finding ways to boost employee morale with a bit of a festive mood. Of course, there are multiple ways to celebrate the holidays in the office - gift exchanges, holiday cards, charitable donations, etc. - but the key for companies is to make employees feel celebrated and valued not just one season a year, but every season and every day.

  • Revive your company's health insurance to ensure mental health, and then start promoting these services to your employees.
  • One more effective way is by providing mental health training or certification can also raise awareness among all staff.
  • The most important thing is to provide an open and friendly staff environment where employees feel safe discussing their concerns or problems.

These are some basic things that can be followed and can help employees get rid of mental health. Ensure to have a healthy conversation with your employees once in a while.

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Three ways HR can promote mental health and spread holiday cheer

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